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Three gadgets for a simpler life


Innovation and gadgets go hand in hand more than you could expect. Many of this gizmos stem from either eccentric, excited or just intuitive minds. And you might just need that kind of thinking to be able to come up with some of the techs we still use today. The paper stapler (going old-school, baby) was invented in 1868, so it has been in use for about 150 years. Sounds like much? Maybe, but it is one of those type of technology that doesn’t need to change that much. It can adapt itself to other

How does that come into play with the modern gadgets? Well, most of them aren’t exactly made with a universal purpose in mind. They either have a specific function, for one task. Or, if you’re lucky, no reason other than mild entertainment. But at least you can find some delight in some of next ones I will show you. In a list, of course.

The Dreem headband

Ever wanted to learn how to properly sleep? Do you need help in order to breath, properly breath and stop breathing during sleep? Then don’t worry, the guys at Dreem have created the best headband for that. Presenting the already name gizmo, a device that will help get a better nigh time rest and a morning wake up.

Joking aside, this is actually an interesting apparatus, which seems to delve in a common issue today. Sleep deprivation. Or just insomnia in general. Many that work in an environment which forces them to stay up to 8 hours in front of a screen have this problem.

I think we all know a person like that. One that has problems going to bed, but also getting out of one. The Dreem headband seems like it was created with those persons in mind. So how exactly this Morpheus does inspired gadget work?

It’s basically a monitoring device that keeps in check your brain activity, heart rate and respiration. At its base it has five sensors that track all the signs I mentioned before. It also does something that I kind of like. From all the information it gathered before, it can adjust your sleeping mood with sounds.

The device is the brainchild of a team of neuroscientists and IT developers, based in France. (Groups known for their well-rested sleep sessions).

You can find more about the gadget on their website, linked underneath.

I dream of electric bunnies 

How many of us are using a Wi-Fi-electric powered “buddy” this days? Well I don’t, because I can’t afford a phone capable of handling Cortana’s sass, or Alexa’s wit. You can opt for others, though. Like the paper-clip WORD mascot, or a talking robot dog. Or, you can go all whimsical and get yourself a Nabaztag Wi-Fi Smart Rabbit. Yeah, I know, really cool, right?

Just like the other gadgets I mentioned, this one is like a personal digital assistant that can help you out in many various ways. For one thing, it’s advertised as a “bunny that can teach you tai chi, report the weather or stock market”. Well isn’t that nice of it. Oh, and it can also “play music, talk and whistle, read your e-mail”. Well, that isn’t very nice of it.

Alright, besides the implication that a cute gizmo might be used for going through your trash, let’s just stick with the positives. I mean, it’s like a cute toy, which can do all kind gestures and silly movements. For example, it can do cute ear twitches. And it can also speak with Nabaztag rabbits if they are in the vicinity. Ok this digital pet might seem a bit scary if you check too much into it.But, hyperbole aside, though, it actually seems like a fun device for anyone looking for that Tamagotchi nostalgia.

It has quite a lot of functions for interactions, some fun and time wasting options and, in the end, it is a cute bunny. Unfortunately, the production line for the gadgets ended somewhere around 2011. There were multiple tries afterwards to bring back the Nabaztag back, most of them ended in failures or just remained with a small fan-base.

Full-body immersion

Ah, finally, our most wild dreams can come true. We can truly begin a new era, one in which we don’t have to go see movies about people fully entering the VR world. Or watch YouTube videos about people getting mildly frightened of a jump-scare from their VR headset game. (Seriously though, don’t stop making those. Especially when you can do it to old people and small children).

If there are any cyberpunk or Andy Serkis fans reading this, you will be blown away by this. (Or just a bit excited, who knows). A new VR project is in work, called the Teslasuit, and is something special. It is envisioned as a full-body costume that will allow you full access to the digital world.

Basically it can give you “full-body haptic feedback”, so you can simulate touch and senses during your virtual adventure. And maybe other experiences as well, but that is something for future times. From what else is described about the functions of the suit, it has incorporated a motion sensor and capture device. The purpose of this is to help the user for with better stimulations for weight, coordination and gesture control.

The gadget seems like the next step in the VR evolution line, from just ocular experience to the entire full-body experience. Just imagine, being able to become a wizard sword wielder. Dragon ball style super fighter. Or even more, you can try out your other, more hidden, fantasies.

You can discover more about this project on the following website:


The gadgets this article just presented are just a speck in a multitude of lists of devices, thought up every day. There are a ton of creators and innovative people that try to develop the next big thing that will take the world by storm and create a new wave of technological advances.