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Proxy-N-VPN review


If you live in the United States of America today, you might want to consider investing in a proxy service like Proxy-N-VPN. Considering that the net neutrality is still an issue worth discussing in the country, plan B might have come sooner than anyone expected.

Let me interpret you for a bit, ok

One thing that you might want to know about, though, is what exactly a proxy server is. In essence, it’s a simple system. A proxy server allows different type servers to better communicate. Mostly though, it’s an interpreter that a client based can use to send messages to another point and the proxy can become a bridge line between them.

If you require a service from somewhere else, the user can place a request directly with the proxy server and it can simply the process of getting the file or whatever you need. Think of it like a search bar for server to server communication.

Only in the states, baby

Proxy-N-VPN is a provider of such services, but at the moment it only works in one place only, America. (Yes, I know the country is technically is called United States of America, but for simple reasons let’s just call it that). Its programs work on HTTP and HTTPS proxies, while also giving you the option of private and shared proxies. So at least you can chose your poison.

For this reason, some of their dedicated servers are advertised of working very well with sites like Instagram and Cragslist. As for their private ones, most the users like them for social media and SEO capabilities, as these are constructed with marketing tools in mind. Some of ones from the inner circle are Scrapebox, TweetAdder or Tweet Demon.

As for the bandwidth, what can I say more than unlimited (POWERRR….sorry for that). Yeah, they promise a lot of goodies in their basket eggs, but how much will it hurt you when you try to make an omelette?

If you want use, know that have a simple login system, with a username, password and IP authentication.

I can give a cent and a golden tooth

Most of their plans revolve around what you might want to use it for. All have 1GB fast servers, unlimited bandwidth and guaranties, but for a private proxy you will pay 2.35$ a month, while the shared proxy is 11$ a month. But if you want to use them for Instagram or Craigslist, that go to around 2.80 or 3 $ a month. So it looks like the company has already build a clientele around it.


If you want to hide yourself from the wild, wild web, you chose from up to way to many proxy services. With Proxy-N-VPN, though, they at least guarantee dedicated IP address from cities around America. And if you might get into trouble, they do have a dedicated resolving team, which works around the clock. Still, many of their clients seem to be happy with what they got, and for the time being, they manage to keep their head afloat in the digital ocean.

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