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Specialized Servers: Review


History of


Server sellers and resellers have a tendency to come and go. Competing with DigitalOcean, OVH, VULTR and other well-established ISP brands, puts a lot of pressure on any aspiring newcomers. Although more people are needing servers each day, the highly saturated market swiftly kills any newcomers that don’t manage to provide excellent service.

DraculaServers has been around since 2015 and it appears that has managed to secure a piece of the pie. How did they achieve this?


Niche Server & Services

Besides the regular dedicated servers and KVMs, Dracula offers a plethora of specialized servers, targeted towards different groups of users.


FreeRadius with Panel Servers

In this day and age, Radius servers are harder and harder to come by. Although there are various radius projects still alive, it was difficult to buy a ready to go radius server, until DraculaServer has provided the product.

Dracula offers 3 Freeradius + MySQL + daloRadius options with different sizes, that are delivered in minutes and are ready to go. In my day, I have worked with various radius versions and I cannot stress how much it pleases me to have the option of deploying a VPS with everything I need in a couple of minutes, instead of wasting my time meddling into a putty window and trying to figure out why the hell my radius installation doesn’t work.

There is also the option of Dracula staff installing modules and providing customer assistance. Again, this can be a lifesaver, as Radius is pretty complicated and Google Search doesn’t get you very far.

Dracula offers a custom made WHMCS Freeradius Module and tutorials on getting started with radius, on their blog page:

As the price of the official WHMCS radius module is pretty big, getting a Freeradius server from Dracula that comes with a WHMCS Radius Module is a good value proposition for the customer. Adding to said value is the easy to follow tutorial.

In my opinion, the Freeradius Servers offer is DraculaServers best product. If requested, we can do an in-depth review of that alone. Just let us know in the comments.


Sneaker Servers

You may be asking yourself “What the hell is a sneaker server?”. Well, to put it bluntly, its what cool kids use when they want to buy rare sneakers online.

The major footwear sites launch limited edition sneaker version every couple of weeks. In order to keep the public always asking for more, they deliberately sell fewer pairs than the market wants so an artificial scarcity is produced.

The shoes usually sell out in a couple of minutes and most of the sneakerheads don’t manage to get a pair. I don’t understand the hype beast phenomenon, but I do know a thing or two about computers, bots, and servers.

In order to make sure that you’re able to snag a pair of the latest kicks, you can buy a sneaker bot that will automatically place an order for you as soon as the product is launched. These bots need to be hosted on a server, preferably one with a great connection and nearby the datacenter of the sneaker seller.

Dracula offers cheap sneaker servers in Los Angles and Chicago datacenters, in the proximity of sellers like,,,, and other. Getting a server near the datacenter of those sites will give you a major advantage. You can see their offer here:

So, if you’re into sneakers just because you like them or plan on making a profit by reselling them on eBay, can definitely help you snag more pairs. To read more on sneaker bots, click here:


Dracula’s KVM Servers

Besides the upper mentioned specialized servers, also offers normal Linux and Windows servers. They stand out by the amount of ram for the starting packages. Where most isp offer 1GB for their smallest VPS, Dracula offers  2GB of ram for 5.99$.  

Very helpful for hosting for cheap your own cPanel, WordPress or application, as a ram upgrade on other providers means a doubling the size of the VPS and translates twice price.

At the moment of writing this post, Chicago is the only option for the VPS. This is great for US traffic but I would like to see more options in the future.

You can see the complete KVM offer here:


Dedicated Servers

Chicago and New York. These are the location available for DraculaServers dedicated. I’m not going to go in details as the offer is pretty straight forward. The locations can be seen on their site and there isn’t that much to say about it. The price seems fair and the delivery time is reasonable for a real server.



If you need a Radius or a SneakerBot server, might provide great value for your buck and spare you a lot of headaches.

If you plan on ordering from them, be sure to check out our promo codes and see if we have a valid coupon for them:






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