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Ebotserver review- VPS or VDS in a pinch



Starting off a new trend or small company is a big deal, especially if you don’t know how the online market works. For that, though, you access tons of guides to help you and some of them might have sent you to the Ebotserver site. Why? Well, firstly because the move from a server shared to virtual private server has already began, and I don’t think you want to be left behind.

Like all good things though, let’s start off with what exactly is a VPS (or VDS if you are annoying).

The house of a thousand pixels

The main comparison for VPS (or virtual private server) is the good old dedicated server, which to be honest isn’t that much to say about. Except for one little detail. The hosting capabilities.

Let’s take a VPS and dedicated server. For each one of these, you make a couple of shared host accounts. Alright, here is where the main problem rises. On a dedicated server, the resources (like CPU, RAM and hard drive space etc) aren’t divided in an equal. Only the main provider can say what and where it goes. For the VPS, however the spirit of equality perseveres and if this way know exactly the limits of your online space.

Ebotserver main attractiveness

The service main way of attracting customers is by a Windows VPS, and servers are working day-in and out with Dual Intel Xeon E5 processors. As for their main start-up plan, with 39.99$ per month, you can get 2GB of DD4 RAM, 50 GB of space of the hard-drive. What else? Oh, some nifty functions like remote desktop and admin rights. The core numbering also depends on your monthly subscription, to be honest. The first plan gives you 2, but the steeper ones can get to 8 CPU cores.

As the prices go higher, so do the RAM and HDD capabilities, and at somewhere around 104.99$ you get 8 GB of DD4 RAM.

While not directly advertised, they also seem to have some LINUX shared servers, so if you are more interested in those, check them out.

Operator. Hello, operator?

Still, not all is glorious and shiny on their front. The Ebotserver company is still somewhat small, so if you want a top-notch 24/7 support desk at your side, you might have problems there. The response time isn’t what I would call timely. At least they do try to help, though. If you set your timer right.

So for what should I buy it for?

I would suggest, at least in the case of this service provider, go for your more down of mill kind of activities. Do you want to host a Counter Strike Global Offensive server? Sure, go ahead.

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