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IPVanish VPN Review


IPVanish, a Florida-based company, is one of the leading VPNs in the world. The business owns and manages its entire infrastructure, so there are no other service companies that provide services for this system.

The company boasts a large server network, which includes 700 servers in 60 countries, along with high speeds which makes it ideal for those that want to stream in HD.

Pricing & Plans

IPVanish offers one service plan, with different subscription periods. You can either pay for a monthly, three-month, or yearly service subscription. The longer the subscription period, the more you save per month. Though, you have to pay for the entire period upfront.

The purchase process has a repeat billing agreement, meaning you’ll be recharged automatically for continued service on your chosen subscription. You must remember to cancel the service before that subscription expires.

A seven-day refund is guaranteed with all subscriptions. IPVanish accepts various payment types, including credit cards and PayPal accounts. Unfortunately, the company no longer accepts Bitcoin.

IPVanish Features

  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Instant app insatllation
  • Unlimited data throughput
  • Kill switch
  • More than 40,000 IP addresses
  • P2P allowed
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
  • Clients for major operating systems
  • Gets into Netflix USA

IPVanish has an extensive network of 700 servers which are located in 60 countries across the globe. The company is predominantly strong in Europe, but unfortunately it does not have any servers in Russia. In the US, IPVanish has 418 servers in 17 cities.


The IPVanish app has added security features that come quite handy on mobile devices. The network block will stop the apps on your device from connecting to the internet when your VPN is turned off.

The network block of IPVanish halts the network card until the VPN can make its own connection, meaning that you will be protected against unsafe open network connections that have no password requirements.


The VPN uses AES encryption, which is used by governments from all around the world, being the most secure encryption to date.

IPVanish employs a 256-bit key, that is the strongest security available.

They use OpenVPN’s software, which Transport Layer Security to protect the management messages of the secure connection, using the RSA encryption cipher.

RSA uses two different keys for encryption and decryption which are asymmetrically encrypted. IPVanish uses a 2048-bit key but the very best VPNs use 4098-bit keys for RSA to have the most secure of encryptions.

IPVanish Privacy

US customers might encounter some problems with IPVanish. American VPNs are susceptible to   crackdowns NSA and other law enforcement agencies. Copyright laws are also very strict in US, being against file sharing in the country.

The company proclaims that it has a no – logs policy, this policy letting IPVanish assure its customer that they can use its services for P2P activities.

The Website

IPVanish’s website has a professional look and design. The top stripe of the takes you main pages of the website. The menu is available when you scroll, down giving you quick access to all pages.

At the bottom of each page there is a footer section that links the site to more information about IPVanish’s services. From here you can get to the IPVanish blog which is updated daily with topics that address privacy issues and VPN articles.


Support is provided by contact forms and their extensive FAQ page. If you signed up for their services, you will have to get to the Setup Guides. If you have a problem even after following he guides, you can fill in the contact form and contact the support team. The guides can be accessed through a link in the FAQ page, and the contact form can be found in a link in the site footer.

You will receive the answer to your query via email. But they move kind of slow in this department, as it can take more than a day for the Customer Support team to respond.


Sign Up Process

First you click on the pricing page of IPVanish and choose the subscription you’d like.The sign up form doesn’t ask for much information, only an email address and a password.

 VPN Client

After you’ve installed the app, click on the shortcut on your Desktop to get it running. Then you enter your username and password. The three server location selectors in the bottom right of the window will let you select a country, then a city and then a specific server.

You can see all the available servers on the Server List page, where you can rearrange, mark as favorite, or alphabetize them.

The Settings section of the app has four pages which let you manage important security features.  On the first page you choose your default server or if the VPN should start up with the operating system.

The Connection tab dictate features the kill switch will stop your computer from connecting to the internet if the VPN is not on, should the internet connection drop.

The “Block LAN traffic” option prevent your mobile device from connecting to open WiFi hotspots without you knowing. The “Auto Reconnect” feature will re-establish its link to the VPN server, if the connection interrupts. The obfuscation checkbox scrambles up the content of data packets that are sent between your computer and the VPN server. This is very important if you plan on using the VPN in China. However, but use it only when needed, as it will slow down your connection.

The “Active Protocol” field lets you choose which protocol you wish to use. You can choose between L2TP, PPTP, TCP or UDP. UDP is recommended for real time applications.

The IP Settings tab has a few of features that would better not pay any attention to. The IP switcher will allocate you a different IP address from the server periodically and you can choose when the address should change. But this feature will leave temporarily without internet.

The DNS server option lets you change the server used for connections when the VPN is running.


IPVanish is compatible with all the important operating systems: Winodws, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows Phone, and Linux. The VPN can also be installed on flashed routers and set-top boxes. The VPN can work on five devices simultaneously.


IPVanish offers great VPN services with reasonable prices, an extensive number of server locations and a lot of extra security features that can be accessed through an easy to use app.

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