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Mini Guide Series: Smart DNS


What Is Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is a technology that enables internet users to unblock websites that are geo-restricted by resolving your DNS requests at a specified location. This makes it ideal for streaming sites such AS Netflix, Hulu, WWE, BBC and many more.

How Does Smart DNS Work?

Smart DNS works by basically altering the DNS of your device and rerouting its traffic through a dedicated server from the country of the content you are trying to access. It is a bypass route that gathers and sends your data via a different route instead of using your regular path.

A Smart DNS proxy server is provided by a server service provider, and it will be in the same country where the specific website is accessible.

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How Is A Smart DNS Different From A VPN?

Smart DNS is a protocol that can be used to geo-spoof your traffic; while a VPN service generates a tunnel that conceals your IP by changing it to make it seem like you are accessing the site from another place. But a it does not offer encryption or mask your IP address like a VPN.

Another noteworthy difference between the two services would be speed, security, and security. A Smart DNS proxy server does not slow down your streaming speed and it is easier to set up and use; while on the other hand, a VPN service provides privacy, anonymity, and encrypted security.

Disadvantages of Smart DNS

  • Some service providers might use a  ‘Transparent DNS Proxy’, a technology that forces you to use their DNS services instead of your DNS of choice.
  • Websites are unblocked one- by- one, so you will not have instant access to all of them from one certain location. Considering that most popular websites are supported, you’ll discover that for the unsupported ones you have to make a request to your Smart DNS provider.