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VPNBaron Review


In this tutorial \ review we’re going through the whole process of getting a VPN account, installing the software on our computer and making a VPN connection.

The website:

Fast loading and pleasing to the eye, the site embodies the latest trends in modern web design. It manages plenty of VPN related information that a potential user might want to know before making a commitment.

The use of high-quality images, large text in small paragraphs and playful animation, make it easy for the user to browse and find the information he or she might need.


Subscription options:

There are 3 types of subscriptions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They all have access to the same servers and benefits like:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Netflix USA
  • Encrypted Connection
  • No Traffic Logs
  • Works on All Devices
  • Instant Setup
  • Torrents Allowed
  • Works Even in China

The difference between the subscriptions is the duration, number of devices and price. A longer membership will offer better per month price and more devices allowed to connect at the same time.

For the purpose of this review, I’m going to sign up for a Monthly Bronze subscription.


Signing up for a membership:

The process is as fast and easy at it should be when you’re paying for something, taking less than a couple of minutes from order to delivery.

Before completing the order, get a discount Promo codes. We have a list of active discounts codes that will help you save on your purchase.

I used a 10% discount code completed the order using Paypal. After a few seconds, I received the confirmation via email.


Client Area:

Clicking on the link from the email, I got to my VPNBaron client area. It is very welcoming and instructive, with big download buttons and links to various video setup guides, and on top of these my VPN credentials.


Let’s go ahead and download and install the VPN Windows Client.

The installer has a minimal design and after clicking NEXT a couple of times I see the VPNBaron icon on my desktop.

The VPN App is clean, not occupying a lot of real estates even when maximized.


The VPN Service

Vpnbaron offers modern tunneling protocols like OpenVPN UDP and TCP and IKEV2 VPN-On-Demand.

The OpenVPN TCP can further be encrypted using an SSL tunnel, masking the VPN traffic as regular HTTPS browser traffic. This feature comes very handily in countries and networks that block VPNs like China, public cafes or campuses.

It also comes with a kill switch option the disables the network adapter, requiring the user to manually reactivate the connection. This feature is meant to prevent the user from having its real IP leaked in case of a network failure. In my opinion, this is a must have for all the VPN apps.

Furthermore, VPNBaron comes with a feature that changes the DNS of your real network card while connected so in case of a DNS leak, your real DNS will be safe.

The connection to the VPN server was established in a few seconds and the VPN client auto-minimized.

Easy to used, indeed

I’m pretty confident that I could guide my grandma through getting an account and connecting to a VPN server. Two click checkout and a VPN app that is basically a big connect button, allow even the most non-tech savvy people to benefit from the service.


Server Locations & Speeds

Servers are located all over the world. USA, France, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Romania, Brazil, etc. You can check the live list on their page as the servers locations are always subject to change in the vpn industry.


I’ve selected a couple of servers near me (Europe) and did some speed tests. My office connection has a speed of 30MBs when not connected to the VPN. After connecting to the VPN I’m getting around the same number.


Knowledge Base & Support

Like all good services, VPNBaron has a vast knowledge base that contains setup guides and troubleshooting. If you don’t feel like looking it up, you can just open a support ticket and they’ll care of it for you.

They also offer How To’s on VPN related topics that aren’t dependent on their service. Here is an example of an Ubuntu CLI VPN connection tutorial.






I found VPBaron to be very easy to order, install and use. The Yearly membership provides great value at 4.99$ per month.




Easy to use


Server Locations


Support Service




Documentation & Guides Available

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