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A review of the Samsung Galaxy S9+



A statement, or marketing trick, going around the smartphone industry is the idea of innovation, but not really, and for that I always wondered what the + stands for, especially in the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Time and time again, the makers tried to bring new things and gimmicks that make technically make every new sequel phone its own thing. But they also found the solution of releasing a product, wait for the customer feedback and then add in the missing pieces. And whenever I see a Deluxe or plus edition of a product, all I can think of is- “Ow, so that’s what the thing was supposed to actually be like”.

Still, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is not exactly a rehash of S8+…Ok, it is a bit, but to be honest most smartphones have started to kind of blend together in a single incoherent blob. So actually finding something special about a device like this is a cool surprise. Like a Kinder egg. Sometimes.

My special configurations are bigger than yours

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way first, and the main thing people bring when they talk about phones. The configuration. Samsung Galaxy S9+ downs, like a bride before the weeding, a pristine cowl, filled with glittering diamonds. Or rocks that shine. The point is that you call and describe them however you want, it is still going to be one and the same thing. Maybe some will glitter a bit different, who knows.

What are the specs, though-?

  • Starting with the processor, we got incorporated a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Octa-core CPU (with a 1.7 to 2.8 GHZ Quad) and an Adreno 630 GPU. The other option is for Samsung Exynos 9810, with an Octa-Core and the same interference.


  • As for memory, we got a surprisingly good 6GB RAM (In the past, these kind of numbers were only a marketing trick, as the phone itself didn’t had the capabilities to actually use the entire memory).


  • Next up, space. So we’ve got 64/128/256 GB, with a microSD slot.


  • Screen-size: Now we got into the fun stuff, we thing we will actually look at most of the time. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has a 6.2 inches screen, with a 2960×1440 resolution and an 18.5:9 aspect ratio.


  • Camera- Front and back, with an 8MP (autofocus) on the front and 12MP on the back.


  • Baterry-3,500mAh, and it has both fast wired and wireless charging support.


  • For the OS, it uses the Android 8.0 Oreo


  • Materials- It’s made out of aluminium and glass, being both water and dust resistant

This is my twin brother, 8+

If you’re looking at a Samsung phone from the outside, the design hasn’t really changed to be honest. And that is certain for most smartphones. And for that matter, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ was deemed a sort of copy-paste of the S8+. Well, one thing that was a complaint, from a design perspective at least, was the placement of the fingerprint scanner. For this new model, the company read and “understood” the feedback. I mean they looked at what the rest did, and have put the scanner right below the camera. As in a normal spot for you to put your fingertip on, when you pick up your smartphone.

As for internal components, this is what with by people bringing up specs when talking about smartphones. It has more RAM, two cameras (which become the norm for quite some time now) and a better battery.

I know that I sound kind of jaded, but all that I manage to see in the “new” Samsung Galaxy S9+ is just a gimmick. They did some mistakes with S8, but now they’ve come back to the norms and is all good, even though those mistakes shouldn’t have been made in the first. What, were they just “courageous” now, as well?

As for the other next big change to the norm, is the screen. Samsung is back to the FullHD+ resolution. Good for them, let’s applaud them for their daring change.

Something good rise from the horizon

In case of the operating software, between the 8.0 and 8.1 isn’t that much of difference but the Android has always defined itself for the multitasking capabilities. The interface as well hasn’t changed that much, but that is also because even from early editions it was smooth, easy to use and comprehend UI. You can simply use, select and close applications at a whim. With the new added bonus of more RAM and a better processor, you can open over 50 apps at a time and the Samsung Galaxy S9+ still works at relatively good capacity. It doesn’t stutter or lag.

As for what people actually use a smartphone this days, the camera. Undoubtedly, this is where Samsung phone shine, and it’s not different for this new version.

The phone works very great, both and dim light and during the day, as it has the capabilities and power to properly attest the settings for the perfect photo. The device extrapolates a lots of colours and details from the environment. It might fail a bit for moving objects, as the shutter still isn’t at professional camera level, but that is a bit to be expected.

A problem that comes with all new smartphones is the price. In dollar terms, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ can get up to 839.99$, and if you are living in Europe, prepare to get out of your pocket 840.00Euro. A bit step, to be honest.


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is still a step forward for Samsun when it comes to their phones. After the recent blunder with the S8 and, let’s not forget, the publicity fiasco of the S7, it was expected for them to back to the roots and try to make something decent. Mostly because that’s what it is. A decent smartphone for 2018, which does everything good and is, by all means, a good all-rounder smartphone.


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