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A brief Warframe lore synopsis


Anyone that uses Steam has, at one time, looked over the Free-to-Play list and saw a little game called Warframe. “Oh, wow”, you might have said. “It looks so nice and flash and stuff”. At least that was my reaction, to be hones. I had a problem, though. Does it have a story? I know, stupid question, but I like an interesting story or world in games I play.


What is it, though?

The game is a high-action Sci-Fi, fantasy (it is guys), co-op four team missions game. Phew, that was a mouth full. The game, at its core revolves around you and a bunch of other players being space mercenaries. You get into your fancy battle suit (Ill explain later), jump into your spaceship, go to the mission node and complete the task. All while using different kind of abilities specific to each Warframe, while wielding and ranged and melee weapons.

Missions can very, because the specific setting of the world takes place in our solar system. In the future, no less. In that futuro, three (four with your own) factions have grown to power and serve as your enemies.









First you got the clone troopers, I mean the Putties from Power Rangers, I mean the Grineer. Fun faction, to be fair though. They are a group comprised by engineered soldiers, clones that can’t replicate without being grown in a tube. The Grineer are the tough, militaristic, industrial aspect of space fare, which puts more accent on numbers. Also crude, but powerful weapons. And afterwards, scientific, cultural and state development. They want to conquer, lead and grow their empire.

Leadership in their society is also militaristic in nature. All the Grineer bosses you will fight have a rank or a title. General Ruck , Captain Vor or the most amazing of them all, Councilor Vay Hek. Seriously, if you want to fight some fun and endearing characters, go after the Grineer bosses, they are some of the best in game. Fun also,


Energize my flesh

The second is the big company, sci-fi punk like faction. The “grofit” profiteers, a bit religious in nature but also technological advanced society of the Corpus. It acts more like a giant, multi-planet business that tries to gain money and influence around the solar system. Instead of ground troops, like the Grineer, their force comprises more of robotic creations. (Which are some of the most annoying, but also challenging things in the game). The religious side comes from their worship of the old leadership. (More on that later).

Corpus are being led by the Board of Directors and we still don’t know many of them. The most prominent member is the quirky named Alad V. He is the only part we know intimately of the Corpus society, as many factions events were centered around him. The rest, we only got glimpses and parts but nothing too memorable.

Now, the third most encountered enemies are The Flood, I mean the..ok, Im dropping the act, it’s another virus type infection. Once a biological weapon, The Infested are a parasitic organism, which takes over any other enemy type, body-horror deforms them to create a Legion type of hive mind. Their main goal in the game is to “eat” every organism in the system and add it to it’s main collective. (If you saw the Thing or played Dead Space, you might get the gist of these kind of enemies).

As for prominent members, you meet intelligent beasts that exist only to extended the main objective of the Infested. We got some idea of there being a main controller, but we still don’t know exactly if any of the ones we encountered is the main boss. Phorid is among the only ones that speak to the players, so maybe. Maybe we will get more answers later on.


We are the best, sometimes

As for your faction, you play as agents for the Lotus. Who is that? Well, before the age your playing in, the Solar System was controlled by The Orokin Empire. It was an advanced human society that wanted to colonize another system, so they sent self-learning drones. These were the Sentient, and as the name suggests, this faction became self-aware, decide to rebel and started a war.

The Orokin were on the brink of losing, but found a solution in a ship lost in an undiscovered portion of space. This was called the Void, and every single adult on the ship died or went insane. Except for the children. They actually got super-mystical abilities, but it also had the downside of affecting them emotionally and physically. In order to contain them, and for the children to harness their power better, the Warframes were created. Biological golems, basically, that helps the users to channel their powers into different kind of abilities.

Now, years later, a rogue Sentient infiltrated the Tenno’s (your faction) and tried to destroy them from within. The Warframe were very bad-ass and tipped the war in favour of the Orokin. Still, that rogue Sentient became attached to the children, helped them defeat her kind and rebel against the Empire and hid them from the world. (The Orokin were not that great, either, by the way). She took the persona of the Lotus and now, years later, she is bringing you back from your slumber to protect the system. Or something.

The reason why I am so vague is because the game has a storyline and many of the things I abridged for this article are still not finished. The Lotus still is a bit of a mystery, and we still don’t know that much of the returning Sentients.

The story tells us how we are doing all of this missions for the betterment of the system, but our actions show how we are just mercenaries. The Tenno, under the Lotus, are nothing more than grey agents, fighting for themselves. For their faction.

We see other, smaller factions but no small colonies (except for a single quest). We don’t interact with the normal people of the system, and that’s ok with the community. The Tenno fight for themselves and for the fun of it. We are all sadistic, crazy and violent people. And we love it.

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