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Youtube tricks and tips for faster tubing


f you are one of the people that use three personal devices at the same time, then you might dabble from a click to another on Youtube. What if I told you that there are quite a few tricks, or life hacks if you want to call them. (That is if you are really, really annoying and read too much Buzzfeed). Well, not really just minor tips, but a lot of features are a bit unknown for the general audience.

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As a general user might know, Youtube is primarily known to launch online careers and listen to music. (Doesn’t matter if it’s under copyright or not). There are also a lot of videos made specifically to entertain, others to educate, or even to just scare the living hell out of you. Or normal gameplay runs, which is a trend I still don’t understand up to this day. But enough of what you can do on the platform, let’s see how you can have the “hacker “mentality and beat the system. (It still sounds as cringe as first heard it).

Youtube tricks are not specifically something new, but these are hidden features that people have either stumbled upon by mistake or have read the updates. One that I learned about recently is the option to make a video repeat on and on by selecting a portion in the timeline, adding a plus in the URL and making one of those endless, ten-hour videos? Pretty cool, I know. And it is just one of the many that you play with. So let’s start an easy to read, overly long (cuz of SEO reasons) list on the internets.

The list to start little lists

  1. Disco baby

Here we start with a Youtube trick that revolves around tweaking the URL just a little bit. All you have to do in order start this option is just to use the following link- Voila, you just managed to transform your platform into a genuine playlist of your favourite artists and genres. Or even better, you can make it into a pocket radio. Or desk one doesn’t matter.

This disco option lets you choose from genres and artists, or even make it so it only plays the charts top hits or even popular videos on the platform. So go crazy on it and make your own popular “vines so good it gave me cancer”. You will not regret. But we will.

  1. Tap, tap, tap, tap

Now, this is a simple feature that is featured on smart devices, like tablets or phones. This Youtube trick comes from integrated with the app itself and it lets you control the forward or rewind of the video by ten seconds. And it just requires you to double tap on the right or left of the screen.

It is an intuitive method for users to use the app without much hassle. And you can even increase the time you can change up to 60 seconds. Just enter SETTINGS-GENERAL-DOUBLE TAP TO SEEK.

  1. Just let me do my thing, mom

Here is a Youtube trick (or a dam feature if you ask most people), the option to play videos on your devices while the platform is playing in the background. And to be fair, that option exists. If you have paid off the Youtube Red. For the rest of us peons, only dust in the wind. Don’t worry, though because if you know how to appropriate your “hacker” mentality, you can do it.

First off, let’s start off by helping the IOS folks out there. You need to have SAFARI installed on your mobile device. Afterwards, go to the main page and search for your addiction. After you managed to find it, press on the HOME button. This will close your browser, but don’t worry, that was the point. Swipe to open the Action Center and then a second time on the same window. This will reveal the data saved about the recently closed video, and even have PLAY option. At the moment it’s not clear if it will work with a playlist, for individual videos it works like a charm.

Secondly, let’s talk with the Android people out there. In your case, we should use the same steps at first. This is a complicated Youtube trick, so be careful, ok. After you opened a video from the browser, tap on the screen and press on SETTINGS. Afterwards, click on the upper right corner of the screen and press on Request Desktop Site.  Home button to exit and voila, you got your own radio on the go. Wireless or data connection required.

  1. GIF from a simple link

We are now in the cool kids’ section of the Youtube tricks, where only the most privileged of people have access to. How to make a gif in order to impress the only masses of Reddit, IMGUR, 4CHAN and other such select clubs.

All kidding aside, it is actually quite fascinating how the platform adjusts itself in order to keep up with the rising trends. I wouldn’t exactly call a gif a high difficulty creation, but this tool is quite useful and it can save a lot of time. (Which you would be wasting on watching the same video on repeat. I know you, you know me, we already know our darkest secrets. Mate).

Here is how you can create a gif from a Youtube video. (Without third-party apps or sites). Open a video on any browser, then go up to the URL. Then just add the word “gif” in front of the domain name (something like this www.gifyoutubecom/restofthevideotag). This will act as a quick link that moves you to, and the main video will already be uploaded.

I know, I lied but is approved by Youtube so it’s ok. What is great on this site is the extra options you can use to modify the gif.  You can crop a frame, add capitation, how long should the gif be if it should loop and so on. After you are done editing, just click on CREATE GIF, add some tags and use the shareable link to spread it online. If you want to download it, then you will have to sign-up on the site.

  1. Getting big on the screen

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This Youtube trick mostly applies to people that use their smart TV as their default monitor to watch online videos. And if you have tried to access the platform by using the default desktop option, you might know what a horrendous, user not friendly option it is. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass this problem as well. That solution is called Youtube Leanback.

Now you no longer have to keyboard bash, graveyard bash when you try to enter a single word in the search bar. The user interface is made so that you only have to use the arrows to select a clip. Another added bonus is that you connect your tablet or phone and use that to type in a required keyword.

As I mentioned before, Leanback is like a spotlight for your Youtube menu to choose from. (Like- most popular section, the subscriber section, the watch later section etc). And how can you access this wonderful, simple variant? Once again, just play with the URL of the website. Just type in and done. Also, in order to connect another device to the smart TV, just enter on Youtube from the device, type in This will send you to an instruction page on what do next. Have fun, you crazy kids.

  1. Increase my views papa SEO

Creators out there, have you ever wondered what are the Youtube tricks that can launch your videos up in the ranks? Sorry, but there isn’t a sure, fire way, but there are a lot of things you can try in order to increase your channel and make it a little more popular.

One of the most given advice is to use the annotations. You know those annoying squares that some people just spread all over the screen? That don’t allow you pause a video because the creator is an asshole that tries to trick you into clicking on another video? Yap, those things. Use them. But don’t abuse them. The Youtube search algorithm focuses a lot on videos that can drive traffic to other clips through annotations. And even if you make them as a quick link for playlists or other sites, it will still work the same way.

Another tip of advice is to make a playlist with your videos. If you have a different type of series, that’s even better. This way you can encourage people to watch a lot more of your uploads in a row. But in order to keep a smooth transition between the videos, try to keep the final messages to an acceptable minimum. Which brings me to another point.

If you are sure your content will spread over a lot of minutes, try to cover at least over 10 minutes. Advertisers like to have space on where to put some of their ads, and ten minutes or more are more than enough to do this. And I know that creators went over an adpocalypse, it still works if you know how to do it.

  1. Just three sentences to make magic

Let’s have some fun. Do you want to have some fun? I would like to have some fun boys and girls. Alright, in that case, let’s use some magic tricks and illusions to create a more Alice in Wonderland experience on Youtube.

First, have you ever wanted to see your UI go crazy? Then type into the search bar “use the force luke”. Now, this is a good trick. Rolling around, creating the nauseating feeling of flying without safety nets. Wonderful.

Another one is a Star Trek Easter egg and is quite simple to use, actually. Just like the one before, type in “Beam me up, Scotty” and watch how your screen tries to board the Enterprise. Oh, some might want this to happen in real life. (I do too).

The last was is from another universe, the weirdest one there is, to be honest. The memeverse, a parallel world, which probably inspired Lovecraft to write his horror stories. One of the Elder Gods that resides there is simply called Doge, the Japanese inspired dog like entity that gives you a concerned look everytime you do something stupid. And it can also change the font and colour of your menu if type in the search “doge meme”. Now let his influence get you and spread the word, my children.

Unfortunately, you can’t use these powers mobile devices. Neither from the browser of those devices and there hasn’t been a word about implementing them on those. Sad.

  1. Custom URL for rainy days

The last, but not least of our Youtube tricks is how to make a custom URL link for your channel. The method is quite simple, actually. Just open your account settings and, if you are eligible, then you can claim a custom URL for your account. Neat. One thing that you should know, though, once to make this link you can’t modify it. So think twice before you grab that sweet, juicy, custom URL.


I hope that these little Youtube tricks, tips and LIFE HACKS (for all the “hacker” mentals out there), then I hope you enjoyed this list. Keep in mind that platform is always changing, so some of these might become obsolete in few months, while new ones might just pop-up from nowhere.

Youtube has a tendency to be in continuous, volatile state and some of the advice for cheating the search algorithm, for example, might be replaced with other ones. So if you are interested in that ones, keep an eye and ear out for all the news related to this topic. For the rest out there, have playing around with what you have.


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